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Does Your RV Have These 5 Common Problems?

Covid-19 has changed everything. Now, people don’t want the crowd and they want to travel safely. Hence, RV is becoming more and more popular. An RV is a cozy place. Your RV can have the touch of your home. So, an RV may feel like your home. The best part is that you can use an RV to travel long distances. So, no airports and no hotels. 

But, before buying an RV, you should know about it well. If you follow the below discussion, then you can find about those problems. 

So, Why An RV May Have Problems? An RV has many sections and parts. Now, these parts are made by machines. But, humans have to assemble and connect these parts. This manual process of connecting and assembling an RV may not be perfect. Hence, you may face some problems in an RV. 

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A YouTube channel called – ‘All About RV’s’ has pointed out some common RV problems. There are 5 common problems of an RV. So, know these problems and fix them easily. 

Now, the question is – Do Your RV Have These 5 Common Problems? 


1. Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problem is the most common RV problem. Your RV’s plumbing pipes may burst. As a result, your RV may face a bad plumbing problem. 

Solution – To solve this problem, you should keep the water valve shut-off pieces. You can also use Pex push-on fittings and couplings. Modern RVs have a Pex piping system. Hence, you can easily fix your plumbing problems. Moreover, these plumbing tools are affordable and they won’t demand huge space. So, check your RV’s plumbing problems. 

2. Leakage Problems

Your RV’s windows and roofs may leak. Some areas in an RV may lose their seals. Hence, you should check your RV well to find such damaged seals. You should not repair the seals when you are on the road. Try to fix the leakage problems at your house. 

Solution – To fix the leakage problem, you should remove the old caulk. Then, you should caulk the area again. Just sand down properly and you can see the base materials. Now, seal the area again. You can find some great materials today for sealing. Hence, the seal may last for many years. 

3. Propane Problems 

Propane problems are common in RVs. But, people easily misinterpret the propane problem. They think that it’s their appliance’s problems. Some people think it’s their RV’s ignition problem. But, often it’s seen that the pressure regulator in an RV creates these propane problems. 

Solution – You can replace the pressure regulator of your RV. The pressure regulator delivers the right amount of gas to your appliances. Hence, by replacing it, you can stop the propane problems. You should use good quality propane tape to stop all kinds of gas leaks. 

4.Tires and Wheel’s Problems

Your RV may face tire or wheel problems. Apart from that, you should also check your RV’s suspension system and bearings. A manual inspection is necessary to detect your RV’s wheel and tire problems. 

Solution – You should keep high-quality spare tires on your RV. Furthermore, you should also have the right tools to change these tires. You should know the exact steps to replace a tire. Consequently, you can replace a tire within a short time. 

5. Electrical Problems 

An RV has two electrical sides – 120 volts and 12 volts. The 120 volts section is important. Because this section supplies all the powers to your RV’s appliances and lights. So, if you experience any electrical problem, then you should inspect your RV’s 120-volt section first. 

Solution – Replacing a damaged fuse would be the best idea. Hence, you should inspect circuit panels, breakers, and fuses. If you find anything wrong in these sections, then replace it. But, before replacing the part, you should know the numbers and sizes of that particular electrical part. Otherwise, you may not replace the part properly. 

These common RV problems are easy to fix. But, to maintain your RV well, you should note down every problem. As a result, it will help you to remember – which part was replaced and why! To keep your RV fit and fine, you should inspect and maintain it on regular basis. Thus, you can avoid any embarrassing problem in the middle of the road.