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Mesh Pool Safety Covers:

These covers are lighter in weight,and fairly easy to maneuver. Water drains through a mesh cover which prevents puddles and subsequent safety hazards from falls. Because water can drain through this type of cover,you will not need to add much water to your pool come Spring. Mesh covers also disburse rain and melting snow quicker than other types of covers. Mesh covers do allow sunlight to filter through,which may cause algae growth. Mesh will also allow for fine soot to pass through the swimming pool covers which can settle on the bottom of the pools surface and need to be vacuumed come Spring. Sun exposure through mesh covers also reduces the effectiveness of chlorine in the pools water,so you may need to adjust the chlorine and water levels.

Mesh pool covers provide a blanket across the pool’s span that prevents most debris,such as leaves,twigs and branches,and litter from falling into pool water,making the bulk of pool cleaning after a long winter a breeze. Vacuuming the debris from the pool cover saves intensive filtering of the water,sweeping the bottom of the pool,and lessens the amount of water loss and treatment in preparation of seasons of pool use.

Because mesh pool covers allow water to seep through,very little bacteria growth occurs,if any at all,making the mesh cover virtually maintenance free. Unfortunately,mesh covers can allow soot,fine dirt and sand into the pool water,which may require springtime water treatments and some pool structure cleaning. By far,however,these lightweight covers allow vastly less maintenance than no cover at all.

Mesh pool covers also provide a safety net for animals and people who accidentally fall into the pool. Made of sturdy nylon or polypropylene,mesh covers resist tearing and prevent accidental drowning not only in the pool water itself but also from rain and melted snow that pools on solid pool covers.
Solid Safety Covers:

This type of cover can be purchased with a pump or with a drain system. Solid pool covers can withstand the harshest of winter conditions including heavy snow and ice. These types of covers are able to prevent sun exposure reducing the growth of algae. To prevent puddling accumulation,you will need to purchase a unit with an automatic cover pump or a built-in mesh drain panel. Regular checks to either type of pumping unit is advisable to ensure no debris has caused the unit to malfunction. This type of cover is considerably heavier in weight than the above mentioned mesh cover.
Solid covers grant the fullest protection of all types of pool covers. Able to withstand the harshest winters,these pool covers also grant the greatest UV protection and efficiently reduce water evaporation.

The biggest difference between solid safety covers,mesh safety covers and pool liners is the density of the material. Most solid safety covers are blanket lids,just as mesh covers are,though some very high-end covers are actual hard caps. Both standard designs fold when not in use and are easily cleaned if needed. Because solid safety covers are denser,they trap rain and snow,requiring removal instead of filtering the water into the pool. To that end,solid safety cover manufacturers often offer pumps or vacuums,simplifying the cleaning fallen debris or pooled rain water or melted snow.
Because solid safety covers discourage pool water evaporation,springtime cleaning and water reconditioning are vastly reduced as well. Complete coverage across the span of the pool also inhibits algae growth,further lessening cost and toil in preparing a pool for use after a long,cold winter.
High stress tolerances given by pool solid safety covers grant comprehensive protection against accidental injury or death if animals,children,or adults fall into the pool or attempt to crawl under the cover to reach the water’s surface. Those safety facets can often grant significant insurance savings,as well as meet many local ordinance and building code restrictions.

The cleanup of a safety pool cover is fairly simple,hose it off,removing any visible debris. If you have purchased a solid cover with a drain,clear the drain surface of any debris such as leaves,pine needles or other debris. Then,fold the cover and put it away once it is completely dry.